As technological progress allows us to work, communicate, and solve problems with an unprecedented level of freedom and convenience, new industries are emerging to serve the growing demand for digital and remote technology. The digital health and wellness sector, in particular, has experienced rapid growth over the past few years.

Tadas Burgaila, CEO at Kilo Health

The digitalization of wellness and health products has exploded in recent years. It provided new means that might allow tackling various health-related issues and finding approachable alternatives to offer people a better chance to attain well-being.

But what future do the digital health platforms have, and what potential can they…

With a growing interest in the blood glucose field, our team has tested how stress can be visualized through Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) systems.

Experiment participant with CGM system

This experiment involved 4 individuals monitored with CGM devices for their blood glucose levels over 10 days. On the final day, the individuals were invited to…

Team Kilo Health

Kilo Health is one of the leading digital health and wellness companies, co-founding and accelerating start-ups in a rapidly growing digital health industry.

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