• Egle Kon

    Egle Kon

  • Kasparas Aleknavicius

    Kasparas Aleknavicius

    I am a medical doctor turned health futurist. Merging medical expertise with the tech world, I explore how the future of health will look like.

  • Eimantas Norkevicius

    Eimantas Norkevicius

  • Gedi



  • David Sans

    David Sans

    David has over 12 years of Healthcare Investment Banking experience delivering the full suite of investment banking advisory services, including M&A.

  • Floris Polman

    Floris Polman

    Behavior designer occupied with the development and implementation of innovative concepts in the field of health behavioral change.

  • Susan Leys

    Susan Leys

    I consult and coach the healthcare professionals and teams who care for all of us. http://susanleys.com

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